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My name is Virginia, and I created this site. Sewing Divas was born from the love I have for sewing and the fact I found myself searching for the best materials for my creations. It will cover everything you need from finding the best sewing machine to the best books and accessories you must have. I know that the quality and features are the most important thing when picking the best sewing machine. It’s also important to know how to sew by hand to create those special finishing touches.

I’ve realized that people have different needs and wants, some people just sew occasionally and but there are others that want to become advanced sewers. Either way, I have you covered, you will find a review of the many different types of sewing machines, so you feel confident to choose the right one.

Another important thing is that everybody has different budgets, some people just cannot afford the fancy machine that is full of features while others have the cash to buy something very professional. Don´t worry, no matter your budget I will help you find a high-quality sewing machine that you can be happy with.

Please start reading through the reviews and guides to learn more. I am confident that you will find the perfect sewing machine for you.

Don´t hesitate to contact me with any questions; we are here to help, and we would love to hear from you.